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WeatherFlow Tempest Review

WeatherFlow Tempest Review

WeatherFlow Tempest is a weather monitoring station that has been getting a lot of attention lately. People are wondering if it is worth the high price tag, and what all it can do. In this article, we will answer all of your questions about WeatherFlow Tempest! We’ll cover common questions like “what are the features?” and “is it worth the money?” as well as more specific questions about things like accuracy and data logging. So, whether you are considering purchasing a WeatherFlow Tempest or just want to learn more about it, this article is for you!

Description of the product

WeatherFlow Tempest is a wireless, all-in-one weather system designed to give you real-time information on your environment.

The station combines a lightning detector, rain gauge, wind sensor, temperature and humidity sensors into one package that connects to the WeatherFlow Network via Wi-Fi or cellular connection. It can monitor everything from daily highs and lows, wind speed and gusts, rainfall amounts, cloud cover, air pressure, and more. You can even receive notifications when severe weather is approaching! All of this data is compiled in an easy-to-navigate web dashboard which allows you to track current conditions as well as historical data. Delivering reliable performance and built for lasting strength, WeatherFlow Tempest is the perfect pick for those pursuing precise weather data. [1]

Description of the product

Features and benefits

WeatherFlow Tempest offers a variety of features that make it an ideal choice for those looking to monitor their environment. Its lightning detector is powerful enough to recognize strikes from up to 25 miles away, and its rain gauge can accurately measure the amount of rainfall down to a tenth-of-an-inch precision. It also features temperature and humidity sensors which offer accurate readings down to 0.3°F or 1% RH respectively. The station is designed for easy set-up and portability; it comes with mounting brackets that allow you to place the station anywhere, even in remote locations without any additional equipment needed. Additionally, WeatherFlow Tempest comes equipped with a full suite of data logging capabilities, allowing you to keep track of historical weather information over time.

Predictability in Local Forecasting At Your Location

The WeatherFlow Tempest station is also able to provide a more accurate prediction of local weather conditions than traditional forecasts. This is because the data it collects can be used in conjunction with computer models and algorithms to generate a more exact forecast for your specific location. This means that you will have access to a reliable, up-to-date local forecast that takes into account all of the variables relevant to your area, such as temperature, wind speed, cloud cover, and humidity.

Stands by their product

WeatherFlow Tempest also comes with a three-year warranty – this means that if there are any issues with your station, they will stand by their product and help you get it fixed. With its high-quality construction and reliable performance, WeatherFlow Tempest is an excellent choice for anyone looking for accurate meteorological data. Whether you’re a hobbyist or a professional weather watcher, the WeatherFlow Tempest offers reliable performance at a competitive price.

No Moving Parts in Design

The WeatherFlow Tempest is designed with no moving parts, which makes it incredibly reliable and durable. This means that you don’t have to worry about the station failing due to wear and tear or mechanical issues. Additionally, because there are no moving parts, the WeatherFlow Tempest doesn’t require any maintenance or calibration – all you need to do is set it up and start collecting data!

Smart Home Integration, Think of The Possibilities

The WeatherFlow Tempest is also compatible with a range of smart home devices, allowing you to easily integrate your weather station with other systems. For example, you can set up alerts that notify you when certain conditions are met – such as high winds or low temperatures. You can also use the data gathered by your station to automate tasks like irrigation and lighting in your garden. The possibilities are endless!

Features and benefits

WeatherFlow Tempest Weather Station Accuracy

The WeatherFlow Tempest offers accuracy down to 0.3°F or 1% RH, making it an excellent choice for anyone looking for reliable and accurate meteorological data. Additionally, its lightning detector is capable of detecting strikes up to 25 miles away, while its rain gauge measures rainfall down to the tenth of an inch. All of this data can be accessed through a web dashboard, giving you a comprehensive overview of current conditions as well as historical information over time. [2]

The WeatherFlow Tempest is good, but not perfect

No weather station is perfect, and the WeatherFlow Tempest is no exception. While it offers accurate readings for temperature and humidity, its forecasts are based on computer models that aren’t always 100% accurate. Additionally, you may find that the lightning detector misses a few strikes here and there due to its relatively limited range. However, overall the WeatherFlow Tempest provides reliable meteorological data that can help you make more informed decisions about your local environment.

A great user experience

Finally, the WeatherFlow Tempest offers an excellent user experience. The setup process is simple, and the web dashboard makes it easy to access all of your data in one place. Additionally, customer support is quick and helpful if you ever have any questions or issues. All in all, the WeatherFlow Tempest is a great choice for anyone looking for reliable meteorological data.

Setting up the WeatherFlow Weather Stations

Setting up the WeatherFlow Tempest is relatively straightforward. First, you’ll need to install the included hardware, which includes an anemometer and rain gauge as well as a lightning detector. Once these are mounted on your roof or other suitable location, you can then connect them to the internet using either WiFi or an Ethernet cable. Finally, once everything is connected, you can access your data through the web dashboard.

With its high-quality components and reliable performance, WeatherFlow Tempest is an excellent choice for anyone looking for accurate and reliable meteorological data. Its three-year warranty ensures that any issues will be dealt with quickly and efficiently – and its compatibility with smart home devices makes it even more versatile. [3]

Features and benefits


Is the Tempest station worth it?

Yes, the WeatherFlow Tempest offers reliable and accurate meteorological data, making it a great choice for anyone looking to monitor their environment. Additionally, its compatibility with smart home devices adds an extra layer of convenience and versatility.

How accurate is the WeatherFlow Tempest?

The WeatherFlow Tempest is an impressive device that is designed to be extremely accurate.

The accuracy of the Tempest varies depending on your location, but generally speaking it has been found to have an accuracy level of ±0.5°C/±1°F and ±3% RH in most environments. This means that you can count on reliable readings from the Tempest no matter where you are located.

Additionally, the WeatherFlow Tempest has been tested under a variety of conditions, such as rain and snowfall, and was able to accurately provide readings regardless of the environment. All in all, the WeatherFlow Tempest is an incredibly accurate weather station for your home or office. [4]

Does WeatheFlow Tempest work with Weather Underground?

Yes, the WeatherFlow Tempest can be used in conjunction with the popular weather tracking service Weather Underground. With this setup, you’ll have access to a range of detailed weather information from your station and be able to easily share it with other users online. This includes current and historical data that can be used for a variety of purposes, such as monitoring trends over time or checking forecasts for upcoming weather events. In addition, you can also use the WeatherFlow Tempest app to set up alerts when certain conditions are met so that you never miss out on important weather news related to your area. All in all, pairing your Tempest with Weather Underground is an easy way to get even more detailed insights into the weather near you.

How does Tempest measure wind?

The WeatherFlow Tempest measures wind speed and direction using an anemometer, which is a device that measures the movement of air. The anemometer is a three-cup design, meaning it has three cups arranged around a central shaft that spin as the wind passes over them. This spinning action causes electrical pulses to be sent from the device to the console, allowing for precise measurements of wind speed and direction to be recorded. Additionally, this design allows for improved accuracy in measuring gusts of wind by taking multiple readings within a given time period and then averaging them together for more accurate results. With these features combined, you can trust that your WeatherFlow Tempest will provide reliable readings in any environment when it comes to measuring wind.

Where does Tempest get its weather forecast?

The WeatherFlow Tempest gets its weather forecasts from the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration’s (NOAA) Global Forecast System (GFS). This system is constantly updated with new data to provide up-to-date and accurate predictions of future weather conditions. Additionally, the Tempest also takes into account local microclimates and other factors that could affect the forecast in your area, allowing for more precise predictions no matter where you are located. With this combination of features, you can trust that your WeatherFlow Tempest will always have a reliable source when it comes to providing you with information about upcoming weather conditions. [5]

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In conclusion, the WeatherFlow Tempest is a fantastic device for serious meteorologists and casual weather watchers alike. With its superior sensors and accuracy, it provides a great level of information and reliability to anyone willing to invest in the technology. It’s not only convenient – it’s also easy to use both indoors and outdoors. Those looking for accuracy, a reliable and long-lasting device, customizable settings, home automation options – they can all find this in the WeatherFlow Tempest. We know you will love it as much as we do! If you’re interested in learning more about how this revolutionary product could be right for you, contact us now – we’d be happy to answer any of your questions and provide further information! Now that you’ve read this review on the WeatherFlow Tempest, go ahead and take action – make sure to get yours today!


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